I Aint Got No Class

Let me first start off saying, “FUCK professionalism.”

The word professionalism bothers me because it reminds me of boring, old, adult, sleep, torture… math.

I do not want my blog to be professional. I want it to be me.

Am I a professional?


Do I want to be?


But there is a distinction between being professional in your job and being professional in your art.

People have different perceptions on what it means to be professional and what professionalism looks like.

If writing is an art, then shouldn’t we allow the authors to express themselves?

Shouldn’t I be able to use the words I want to make people feel what I feel? Or even use certain words to evoke emotion?

In class and from online articles I have seen a pattern where public relations people like to be viewed and or seen as professional.

Yes. I get it. Be clean and tidy and use your big girl words. Be respectful, polite and mature.

As a public relations major, I would like to be seen as organized, interesting, creative, fun, entertaining, sporadic, spontaneous and still able to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks.

What I am trying to figure out is, why does my blog have to come across as professional like I am writing for a PR firms blog?

Because I am not.

I am simply trying to express my personal thoughts on public relations through my writing.

I agree to cross my T’s and dot my I’s and do the best I can to make sense of my writing.

But, I will not whatsoever try to write professional tips on my personal blog ever again.

I hated writing a professional tips blog and I did not care to go back and edit it.

I need experience writing for a professional blog, but I first I think I need experience writing for myself.

Like Jeff Goins said in his blog, Goins Writer, to be a good writer you need to “Get inspired. Hard to explain, but there’s a part of the writing process that is mysterious. You can’t take full responsibility for what you create. A good writer knows how to avail herself to the Muse. She knows inspiration is like breathing for the creative spirit.”

Once I have mastered writing pieces that I find interesting, I will then go onto writing PR tips.

I am trying to be a professional writer, but to get there I need to practice writing for myself.

This will allow me to use my skills in to make professional writing more interesting.

I am, right now, a ‘dope ass hoe’ learning to become a good writer.

In order for me to practice good writing I need to write in a way I find interesting, writing without any class 😉

Then, once I have effectively learned that, I will be able to start writing about boring topics and make them interesting.


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