Nicki Minaj, a true humanitarian to the millennial generation once spit the line, “Only time u on the net is when you Google my ass, you fucking little whores.”

Nicki makes a valid point; her ass is all over the Internet.

Why isn’t my ass all over the Internet?

When I Google myself (Michael Justin Chavez), I get articles about Cesar Chavez and other Michael Chavezes.

Not one single result brings up a picture or information pertaining to me. Not even this blog.

This is why I am having trouble becoming famous.


No one can see all of my potential to inspire and entertain people. All my work is unsearchable and because of this, I am a nobody.

Even my boss forgets who I am. Sometimes I walk into his office to ask him a question, and he will ask, “Who are you again?”

My own mother forgets my name, the woman who named me. She calls me names that are not even close to Justin, like “It” or “You” and “Slave.”

I want to be a Public Relations Professional but I can’t even get the public to recognize who I am.

How am I going to get a job if employers can’t ‘Google my ass’?

I researched and found the easiest way to strengthen my Internet presence.

Tagging. It is all about the tags.

My blog does not have any tags.

This is an obvious “Duh Justin, tags are crucial to the publication process.”

Well, I did not know the importance of tagging until I cam across “The Importance of Tagging Your Website” when I Googled “Why am I not famous yet?”

“Website owners often ask, “What’s so important about tagging my website?” there’s only one good answer: Everything. Your ranking will depend in large part on the tagging that controls your web site behind the scenes,” Bryan Loconto, the author of this article, said.

“Everything that we once hired a traditional public relations firm to handle for our businesses offline is now being done online. And it’s called Internet presence marketing,” said Andrew Lehrfeld, the founder of Internet Presence Marking.

So you can bet your ‘bottom’ dollar I will have this blog tagged.

Tagging will help me become famous and easily found on Google like Nicki Minaj so employers and talent agents can easily find my work 😉


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