There are words I get a lot and out of all them, the “N” word is by far the most insulting.

Receiving the “N” word hurts because it makes me inadequate or weak.

Pardon my French, but the “N” word I am talking about here is “No.”


I know, I hate that I said this word too, but I just had to get it off my chest. Please forgive me but you will come across the “N” word a lot in this blog.

I was told “No” a lot this week when I called car dealerships and asked if I could get in contact with their marketing representatives to give them more information about a blogger conference I am working on.


Eight times out of 10 I received, “Sorry ma’am, but I do not see a future prospect happening here, I am going to have to say NO.”

I AM NOT A MA’AM, I am a MAN, a Guy!

So not only do I get rejected, but I sound like a woman on the phone too.

I felt defeated. Here I am, a young PR woman working her way to become a professional and I can’t even charm my way in to get people to say “Yes.”

So after I ugly-cried in my defeat and ate a whole bucket of fried chicken and a tub of cookies dough ice cream I decided to google ways to be successful at crafted wallet making.


I can’t be successful in PR so I might as well make wallets for people who will be.

Then I remembered the valuable teachings from my father when I asked if he could put my training wheels back on my bike so I wouldn’t fall over. He said, “No. Justin you are 18-years-old, now get used to it.”


 He was right. I needed to grow up. I need to get used to the word no.


“Every no I get puts me one closer to the yes I‘m looking for,” Mark Bryan, a professional salesman said.

In PR, professionals get used to rejection.

“Your pitch will miss more times than it hits, sometimes by a wide margin ­ just thicken your skin and accept it as the price of doing business,” said John Foster, a PR expert.

Being okay

The “N” word is nothing to be afraid of. Instead it should be the fuel to motivate you to work even harder to a “YES.”

It should be welcomed and used by everyone, unless it is the other-other “N” word, which should only be used amongst friends. Just kidding. NO. Don’t use it.



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