Smoking Is Such A Drag

The first time I smoked a cigarette it fell out of my fingers and into a muggy puddle. I tried to do the sophisticated blow of the smoke and the nonchalant side ash flick like my mother would do after she chewed me out for not cleaning the kitchen. It was a combo I had no business attempting in my first try at becoming chain smoker. No one prepared me for burning sensation in my throat and the painful coughing that caused my eyes to water excessively when smoking for the first time. It was a warm welcoming.

My friends looked at me with the utmost disgust like I just defecated in front of them and insulted them with my breathing. Gasping for air, holding onto the little bit of life I had left, I reached for my friend’s margarita to cool down the fire burning inside my lungs. She grabbed the glass and said, “Good God Girl, get a grip and take it like a man,” before I could grasp my sweaty jittery fingers around it.

Smoking use to be a casual thing that everyone did and now it gets 100 percent side eye (silent judgment) and so much shade (vocal judgment).

“Smoking can affect your job search and your career. It is unhealthy, and it can be a red flag for potential employers,” Michelle Yard, a writer for the Chron Blog, reported.

The media changed the persona of smoking tobacco from where it was 40 years ago.

Google smoking, you will find many articles and websites dedicated to helping you quit smoking.

Smoking has become the devil and America is here to save you from it.

But here is the thing, I hate that I feel so guilty for smoking. I hate that smokers get such a bad reputation. Public Relations can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Thanks to PR, tobacco and smokers are seen as people with a problem.

To be honest. I don’t think smoking is not all that bad. I think the media is overreacting to smoking even the occasional cigarette.

But because of PR, it makes it seem as if social smoking is bad.

Canadian Health Ministry released a video for their anti-smoking campaign. The video draws a parallel with social smoking with social farting. The main woman in the video says, “Just because I fart at parties now and then, it doesn’t make me a farter.”

To see the video click here.

The video successfully makes people who socially smoke seem stupid.

Well I’ll be it, smoking is a drag.

There is no going back and making smoking seem Posh. The media and CDC have made their point; smoking will never be cool again.

Public Relations is typically seen as a strategic plan to build an image, but I am starting to realize it is also a powerful weapon that can destroy an entire industry.


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