I am a Woo! WooHoo!

This means I am totes presh and most likely to be homecoming king. This also means I am very good at sarcasm.

This is also the intro to my LinkedIn.

If I were to run for prom king my campaign slogan would be, “Vote for Justin, he knows everyone,” because that’s what people saaaay ooh hoo. (T-SWIFT’S SONG Shake It Off).

but I cant help

As an intern in the PR world, I have come to find out, Public Relations specialists are paid for their contacts and getting those contacts to do favors for their clients.

My boss at my internship told me to create a media list of news writers who specialize in the music industry. I found names, emails and phone numbers for 78 media writers.

Come to find out, the list I created could be sold for thousands of dollars because that is what PRs do. They buy, create, sell and use media lists containing contacts who will potentially write about your client.

“Back in the old days, good PR experts had a physical Rolodex worth its weight in gold. They built relationships with the media over time, and were able to call on them with story ideas. If you don’t have that kind of a list, you’re going to have to start building it on your own,” Said John McDougall, an expert in business development.

I love PR because it is a glorified paid social butterfly connecting the community.

butter fly

But in order to connect the community together, you need a good personality. That is how you make friends.

“I am trying to imagine you with a personality,” one of my favorite sarcastic saying.

The Myers-Briggs Test says ENFJs are good personalities for PR, which I am of course, hair flip.

“People of this type [ENFJ] “¦create goodwill and”¦ tend to be: friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic; affectionate articulate, and tactful; highly empathetic but easily hurt; creative and original; decisive and passionately opinionated, productive, organized, and responsible. The most important thing to ENFJs is their relationships, and the opportunity to communicate and connect with others.”

PR is dependent on making friends. Without connections, the job would not exist. A good PR specialist personality should be charming in order to make friends who you can ask for favors.

but I am sure you are

Vote for me for your homecoming king!


                                    Your Best Friend


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