You couldn’t pay me enough to think right now. I am stressed, tired and unmotivated. I am asked to right a blog and I have no idea what to write about nor do I want to give the time to write it.

“As public relations and marketing professionals, writing is part of every day life,” said Rafael Sangiovanni, a PR professional. “So when you find yourself slamming your head against the proverbial wall, the creative part of your brain can feel paralyzed by frustration.”

In the life of public relations, you can’t quit when the job gets tough. How do public relations professionals do it? Is it drugs? Alcohol? Therapy? Or do they write out their feelings in hopes of something brilliant might come from it. You know… like this blog. Rafael Sangiovanni lists six helpful tricks to persevere through writer’s block right here.

But maybe it’s not writers block a PR professional has to overcome. It could just be the lack of motivation to care. And this could be dangerous. Could you imagine a careless PR professional assisting with a crisis? What a nightmare. One of the job requirements in PR is to never be depressed.

A PR professional relies on their charm and friendly personality to make connections and communicate. “I’d say there’s a soul role for all of us in PR,” Says Samantha Howard, freelance communications consultant. “Left brain/right brain, big thinkers/happy doers. From the research and planning tacticians; to the relationships builders, the brand advocates, the cheer leaders; From the big picture thinkers, the strategists, the creatives; to the analyzers, asking all the ‘what ifs’ that underscore credible crisis communication plans.”

A PR person reflects the personality of Tigger, not Eeyore.

So how does one motivate oneself to become excited and passionate when they are momentarily slumpish?

Write about your feelings. Laugh. Tell someone who is important to you, “I love you.” These tips work. Try it and see for yourself. The greatest thing about humans is our ability to act on emotions, the trick is learning how to control them.


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